Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally a Name!

Well it looks like Ryan and I have finally decided on a name for our little girl...


It's so nice to have a name to go with her! All weekend Liliana was the name that just kept coming to mind whenever I thought about her, and when I told Ryan about this he said that was one of his favorite names on our list. So it looks like it is meant to be! :)

*Disclaimer: Please note the name information may be changed at anytime, without notice by the parents. Changes my include, but are not limited to, spelling or completely different name.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a Girl!

Hello All!

Yesterday we had our 20-week ultrasound and are very excited to announce that we have a sweet baby girl on the way! At first it was a little hard to see for sure what she was because she was being a modest little lady... but she eventually stopped being shy long enough for the technician to get a really good look and tell for sure. :)

Now we are anxiously waiting (and praying) to hear back from the doctor about what he sees on the ultrasound and will hopefully get the assurance that baby girl is healthy and developing right on track. We will not get those detailed results until mid next week, but I promise I will update everyone ASAP. So until then, please say a few extra prayers that little girl is, and stays healthy! (I'm no expert, but on the ultrasound I saw 10 fingers, 10 toes, a cute little round head and a steady and strong heart beat so that's a good start!)
I am trying to not worry about the results and am going to be trying to busy myself with all the shopping and planning I've been keeping myself from doing until I knew if I was going to be looking for pink or blue things. haha! The technician also warned us that we may have to go in before too long for another ultrasound because while little girl was moving quite a bit, she wasn't actually rolling over and it was hard to get good pictures of everything on the right side. So if we do have to go in again it's nothing to worry about, just they may want to see better to make certain that everything is OK! I'm thinking she might just be a little camera shy because after we left the clinic I could feel her moving quite a bit, lol! :)

Ryan was so happy he started to actually wiggle when the technician announced that the baby was a girl. I know he would have been really happy for a boy too, but he has been looking forward to having a Daddy's Girl someday and is really excited he doesn't have to wait a whole lot longer for it. I even helped him get started on this, the first girl outfit I picked up says "I love Daddy" :) I wasn't set on wanting a boy or girl either... but early on my "mommy senses" began tingling and I just had a feeling that the little one was a girl... it was kinda fun seeing how it was true. :)

I haven't had access to a scanner yet, but I know everyone is anxious so see some pictures from yesterday's "photo shoot" so please bear with the hack job I did with my camera. These where the best 2 I was able to get where you can actually see the baby. I will have more, better quality ones later when I have time/access to a scanner!

Also, just for fun... here is a picture of me, baby bump and Sammy... he is going to make such a good big "brother!" He is such a sweet boy and I'm sure can't wait for his new little sister to get big enough to play with him. :)

I think that is about all for now! Thanks everyone for all the love and encouragement! Please keep the prayers coming for our little, growing family! :)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Offical Count Down...

Our next ultrasound is going to be on Sept. 2nd! That's when we find out the answer to the "are you a boy or a girl?" :D

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Progress Report! (Week 17)

Wow! Sorry it’s been so long sense the last update! Thankfully, this has been a very quiet pregnancy so far. :)

I had a doctor appointment last week and confirmed that so far the baby and myself are very, very healthy. We will get to go in for the anatomy ultrasound early next month where we will hopefully find out that the baby is still healthy, developing normally and if it is a boy or girl! (YAY!) I’m super anxious to find all of that out, so I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to drag by. Lol!

More recently, a bump has finally starting to show… to those who live far away and don’t see me all the time please just take my word on this! Still no pics because I am super tummy shy. :P Right now it looks like I’ve just gained a little extra weight in the midsection… but I’m sure that before we know it, it will look like a baby bump and I will hopefully not be so picture shy! ;) I can for sure tell that there is lots of growing going on as I can feel the stomach muscles getting achy and campy from trying to make room for everything! Ryan is so funny sometimes, when I complain about this he just pats my belly and says, “Don’t worry, it’s just the baby remodeling.”

The other recent exciting development is that I’ve started to feel the baby move! Right now it just feels like a fluttering, but every once and a while I’ll feel a little poke. This has really made everything seem a bit more real!

There are also 2 other gals I work with that are pregnant! It had been nice having people around that I see almost every day that are going through the same stuff that I am... especially sense I am a ways away from my family. It's also nice to know that it won’t be hard to find playmates the same age for the little one when they get here! :) The nursery theme has been decided on! It will be jungle/zoo. :) At first we wanted to do Noah's Ark... but it was getting really hard to find things that we liked/could afford... but the jungle theme seems to be pretty popular right now, so it has been quite a bit easier finding things we like for that. Also a lot of the toys and decor are pretty gender neutral for that so we have been able to get a few things here and there which has been very fun!

That is about it for now! I promise I will post again soon when I have more to write about! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Post!

Hello family and friends and welcome to Ryan and I's blog!

As I'm sure you have already heard we are expecting our first little one! We are very excited and wanted to share this special time with all of you.

I am currently 12 weeks along and an ultrasound last week confirmed that the baby is healthy and the development is right on track. I have a feeling Ry and I will have our hands full because baby was sure jumping and moving around throughout the entire ultrasound. The poor technician was having a heck of a time getting good pictures for us. Ryan joked "the kids not even born yet and wont even hold still for a picture!" Haha :)

I have been feeling pretty good for the pregnancy so far. Just sleepy tired all the time with some minimal morning sickness. I haven't started showing yet... but I'm sure soon enough that will be happening. :)

We will be updating this blog as things progress so thank you for visiting and come back soon!

Here are baby's first pictures from the ultrasound on 7/1/2011: